Dream Studies

Learn the Art and Science of Dreamwork

Common Misconceptions that Destroy the Truth of a Dream

This video examines some of the common misconceptions in our culture that blind people to the truth of their dreams. Hear Dr Worley discuss some of his own dreams, which he at first thought only to be nonsensical, but in the end found that they presented him with a major turning point in his life.

Dream Mentoring


Dream mentoring imparts the skills essential to access the depth of the dream’s wisdom by the directly working with your own dreams. There is no more efficient and potent method for learning the craft of dreamwork than by having your own dreams worked with by a skillful guide. Whether you work with the dreams of others or want to derive greater meaning for yourself, the form of dreamwork that has evolved in me will take you beyond a strictly interpretative approach and teach potent psychospiritual practices that enable the power of the dream to be actualized in waking life. Follow your dreams over the course of several weeks or months and realize the uncanny intelligence that is at work to assist you in living a full and meaningful life.

Individual Consultation

Most meetings are for one hour and allow for in-depth review of several dreams. Schedule and suggested readings are individualized for each person.

Fee: $200 per hour

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Group Dream Studies

Study with 2-3 other people as you work with your own dreams and learn as you watch other’s engage in the dreamwork process. Most groups meet every other week (in person or via conference/Skype calls).

Fee: $75 per 1 and 1/2 hours

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Distance Learning

Contrary to most people’s expectation dreamwork by phone can be satisfying and effective. As long as you have complete privacy in the environment from which you speak, dreamwork through phone or Skype is direct, personal and inclusive of the importance of feelings and body sensations so necessary for the realization of dreams.