“Free the Body and the Mind will follow.”

Our participation in the world is peaked when we live in bodies freed of constriction.  We sense more. We intuit more. We enjoy more. Give the gift of Rolfing to yourself and deepen satisfaction in your life!


What Rolfing Can Do for You

Rolfing vs. Massage


Why Rolfing Delivers Surprising Results

What is unique about Rolfing and how does it compare to massage and chiropractic?
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The new, gentle Rolfing is the state-of-the-art method for freeing longstanding constrictions in the body. Deeper than massage, Rolfing’s slow and penetrating touch softens contracted fascia (connective tissue)—a thin sheath of sturdy tissue that permeates the entire body, holding muscles, organs and bones together. Often overlooked and ignored by bodywork professionals and the medical community alike, connective tissue, when made supple and free of chronic contractions, promotes elegant posture and allows remarkable ease of movement.

Chiropractic seeks to bring the skeletal system into alignment by manipulation of the bones, and massage seeks to effect relaxation by easing tension out of muscles. Rolfing, however, much like a sculptor slowly molding permeable clay, softens connective tissue that has become hardened over time, sometimes decades, reshaping the body into greater symmetry and balance.

Because the touch of Rolfing is slow, deep and precise we address only one part of the body in any one session. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes Rolfing so effective and long-lasting. As a result, it is not uncommon for people coming in with neck and back pain, stiff knees, carpel tunnel syndrome and restricted movement in arms and shoulders to be surprised at how quickly and effective Rolfing is in resolving their issues.

Since Rolfing was originally conceived in the 1950’s, it has evolved considerably. Once painful, most Rolfers today work more gently than what was done in the formative days of this method. A refined Rolfer’s touch is slow, precise and detailed, and should always be intensely satisfying.

For more about the founder, and her vision of how Rolfing can evolve the human spirit, learn more about Ida Rolf.

Fee And Length Of Sessions

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Rolfing systematically reshapes the body from the smallest toe to the scalp underlying the top of head. Because of the thoroughness of the work, multiple sessions are necessary to Rolf the entire body once. As a result, Rolfing is known for “the ten series,” an organized, sequential set of sessions that elongate and gives greater symmetry to the body.


Sessions are generally scheduled weekly, though twice a month is fine. Please note that I no longer offer single, stand-alone sessions for first time clients. Rolfing yields its greatest results when several sessions are received in close proximity, though you will likely be impressed at the effects of just one session. I am currently devoting my time only to those who are interested in a series of sessions, minimum of three over a 6 week period, in order to utilize the full range of Rolfing’s potential and to create far more lasting change and not just provide symptom relief with a single session.

My sessions run 75 minutes, though you should schedule an hour and a half for a session in case I need to work longer than usual. Each session includes postural analysis, bodywork and time to transition after the session.

My fees are higher than most Rolfers in the Austin area–$180 by credit card or $160 cash. By way of explanation please note that my method of Rolfing is robust, following the traditional approach of Rolfing which works intensely in order to affect a transformative experience. Rolfers presently work on a continuum from soft to strong. While I do not do the older form of Rolfing which was quite painful, I do work intensely in order to create as much change as possible.

I have 15 years of Rolfing experience in addition to 20 years of practice as a psychologist. This enables me to understand the interface between the physical and emotional body and help my clients free the body of chronic, restrictive stress.. I also am a devoted student of Functional Medicine/Nutrition and have a strong network of practitioners who work with me in solving most any problem a client brings.

Cancellation policy: Client covers the full cost of a session if cancellation notice is not given at least 24 hours in advance.

What to wear: Men: underwear. Women: underwear (stretch shorts over underwear optional) and bra. You can be draped under a sheet if you desire.

To make an appointment:

Phone: 512.701.2831
Email: len@lenworleyphd.com
Office Location: 830 W 3rd St, Austin, 78701


Audio Interview — “What Rolfing Will Do For You”

This short conversation describes how Rolfing creates an architectural restoration of the physical body, restoring flexibility and elegant posture. See how Rolfing differs from deep tissue massage, and discover the potential that Rolfing holds for transforming both the physical and emotional body. 8:47 min
What Rolfing Will Do For You

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Five Ways Fascia is Important to Athletes

orange-fasciaRolfing concentrates on lengthening and making supple the thin but sturdy membrane that surrounds and penetrates muscles and organs–called fascia or connective tissue. It is similar to the translucent skin that surrounds each piece of an orange. If you want a fuller understanding of the role of fascia to your health and athletic performance, go to this excellent article.

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