Dare to Be Yourself: Whole Body Meditation to Actualize Hidden Potentials of Body and Mind

Sunday, January 24, 2-5 pm

living man meditatiing

Far more than a means of relaxation, Whole Body Meditation (WBM) provides a way to listen to and utilize the many messages of the body to discern wisdom for one’s life. Based on neuroscience and drawing from depth psychology and several meditative traditions, this approach enables practitioners to respectfully listen to and draw guidance from difficult emotions like anger, sadness, and anxiety. Rather than transcend the body, WBM enables one to go fully into life’s challenges with broad compassion in order to free oneself from life-limiting beliefs and attitudes. The concentrated and focused work of WBM is akin to virus removal from infected software and can restore the capacity to live from one’s fuller potential.

Presenter: Len Worley is trained as a psychologist and works as a Rolfing body worker.

Location: Community Room Gables West Avenue, 830 W 3rd St.

Fee: $50.

The Fountain of Youth: Your Hormones, The Secret to Vibrant Health at Any Age

Wednesday, October 14

Andreas Schmitz

Andreas Schmitz

I am delighted to host the return of my favorite health professionals, my own nutritional consultant, Andreas Schmitz, PhD, and my personal physician, Regina Forster, MD. They will be visiting Austin and giving a talk Wednesday evening, October 14 on The Fountain of Youth: How to Care for Your Hormones. The information presented will be invaluable.

Regina Forster

Regina Forster

  • Beauty and Strength both radiate from vibrant glands and organs.
  • Learn how your food and lifestyle effect your hormone balance
  • Know how artificial hormones in your food & environment affect your health
  • Discover how to keep youthful hormones flowing to create smooth skin, toned muscles, strong libido, and radiant energy

About Bioidentical Hormonal Balancing: We are now entering a new era in medicine that focuses on the prevention of the aging process rather than simply the treatment of aging symptoms. One of the most important preventive therapies in this new paradigm is hormone balancing. Hormones direct your body’s function in almost every aspect. While the hormonal system is far-reaching, it is also delicate–if just one hormone gets out of ‘whack’, there is a domino effect that causes many other hormones to become insufficient or over abundant.

Learn what you can do to care for your hormones and what many consider to be the Fountain of Youth.

For both women and men. Wednesday, October 14, 7:30 PM at Gables West Community Room, a few feet away from the studio of Len Worley.

Presenters:  Andreas Schmitz, PhD, is a nutritional chemist and Health Coach and Regina Forster, MD, specializes in longevity medicine and bioidentical hormone balancing; Lexington, Kentucky.

Fee: Must purchase $20 ticket online prior to the event. To buy tickets, please click the button below.


Past Events

Why Dreams Don’t Lie: Film and Discussion
Sunday, July 26

If you have been puzzled as to why persons from your past appear in your dreams, or for that matter, celebrities,  lovers and friends, or unknown people and animals, then you will certainly be intrigued to see a remarkable short film:

Faced with terminal cancer orchestra conductor, David Blum, not only recorded but painted dreams he had in the last days of his life. Introduced by friend and cellist Yo Yo Ma, this story demonstrates how dreams weave unexpected people into our lives to communicate vital truths that enable us to face life challenges.

The presentation marks the 140th birthday of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, whose writings have contributed great inspiration and guidance to me about the wisdom of the dream.

Three Approaches to Meditation: Three Sundays in July, 4-6 pm

These classes will cover the following topics and allow generous time for practice.

July 12: The Science and Practice of Heart-centered Meditation. How concentration on Heart Virtues (forgiveness, gratitude, valor) lowers the stress hormone, cortisol, and increases feel-good neurotransmitters. How heart rate rhythms can be changed to induce  calm and concentration.

July 19: Meditating with Difficult Emotions: Cooperating with the evolutionary wisdom of anger, fear, shame, depression, and sadness. Meditation is not escaping the challenges of life but rather is a means of realizing one’s inner resources.

July 26: Inducing the Placebo Response. How to use inspiring images and positive expectation, coupled with fully felt emotion, to actualize hidden potential.

An audio recording will be available of each of the sessions for those who miss any of the presentations.

Fee for the three part series is $90 if registered by the evening of July 10; after this time the fee is $120.

The Power of Hypnosis

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen

I am delighted to host a free presentation next Thursday evening, February 26 at 7:30 PM, on The Power of Hypnosis. The presenter, Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, is Lead Consulting Hypnotist and NGH Certified Instructor with Grey Matter Network. She is committed to helping individuals and groups support themselves using hypnosis to redirect the powerful subconscious mind for positive change. She is a counselor , speaks and trains in Texas and around the globe, and is author of several books. She helps clients harness the natural and safe state of hypnosis to shift habits, feelings, thoughts and behaviors to enhance health and well-being in different areas of life.

Jennifer will be explaining the basics of hypnosis and how it works so quickly and effectively, as well as exploring its potential for everyday challenges and enhancing performance. A ‘minds-on’ demonstration will give you a personal experience that you can use immediately to harness the power you possess in this deeper part of mind.

While the presentation is free, advance email registration is required. Please indicate how many will attend with you. The event starts at 7:30 PM and will be located in the community room of Gables West, just a few feet from my Rolfing studio at 830 W 3rd St.

I look forward to sharing this event with you.

Boost Your Brain

with Andreas Schmidt, PhD chemist and nutritional consultant.
Thursday, January 29, 7:30- 9 PM

andreas brain power

Learn about essential nutrients and key strategies to power up your brain:

  • Increase Your Brain Speed
  • Increase Your Brain Power
  • Increase Your Brain’s Plasticity
  • Improve Your Memory

There is no fee for this event, however, advanced email registration is required. To reserve space, email and indicate how many people with be attending with you, if any. Also, feel free to come early, anytime between 6:30 and 7:30, for a social hour and good conversation, and enjoy a sample of locally produced Brain Juice. Location will be in Gables West Ave community room, 830 W 3rd St, downtown Austin, just a few dozen feet from the entrance to my Rolfing studio.

2014 Events

How to Ride a Tiger: Becoming Stress Resilient through Nutrition, Brain-Wave Technology and Heart  Intelligence

Thursday, July 17, 2014, 7-9 pm

I will be hosting an event with a special guest, Dr. Andreas Schmitz, PhD chemist and nutritional consultant.

Dr. Schmitz is my first choice when I turn for guidance about diet and nutritional supplements for optimizing health. Additionally, he is an experienced meditator and is the one who introduced me to the fascinating world of brain-wave entrainment programs—embedded music and nature sounds that induce calm and focus the mind.

I have asked Andreas to share his discoveries and wisdom July 17, along with me introducing The Heart Breath, a simple yet potent form of inner awareness that calms emotions and heightens mental functioning, along with a number of other health benefits. You can read more about heart coherence at Below, you can listen to a short recording of me introducing the basic components of The Heart Breath.

This is a non-commercial event—nothing marketed—and is free and open for visitors, however, due to limited seating, you must reserve a seat in advance—simply email me for reservations. The location will be in the community room of Gables West, only a few feet from my downtown studio; directions will be provided upon registration.

Why doesn’t she have back pain, in spite of carrying heavy loads?

woman_postureDiscover an overlooked secret for a beautiful, pain-free, high-performance posture. Posture has changed in first world cultures over the last hundred years, resulting in increased back pain and loss of elongated poise. Learn how one simple primal gesture in walking, sitting or running can activate internal support, naturally lift the heart and shoulders, elongate the spine and give grace and courage to the mind.

Presentation by Len Worley, PhD, Rolfer.

Date and time: Schedule a free presentation for your office or fitness center.
Location: TBA.
Fee: Free


Host Your Own Dream Circle!

Assemble at least five of your friends in your home, and I will lead an intimate and eye-opening discussion of how dreams come to grow wisdom in us. There’s a hardly a more satisfying friendship to have than one in which you can discuss your dreams.

Gather several of your favorite friends, serve a pot of tea, and I will introduce key elements necessary to meaningfully understand the language of dreams. There will be ample opportunity for several dreams to be told, while observing how I help the dreamer discover the personal message being communicated to them.

Subjects covered:

  • Why we find it difficult to remember our dreams, and what can be done to increase recall.
  • How disturbing dreams come to help us.
  • How to see your hidden self in the people, animals and objects of your dreams.
  • Learn to interpret dream symbols without the use of dream dictionaries.
  • The surprising purpose of sexual dreams.
  • Common assumptions that cloud the mind and hide the truth of the dream.

Cost: Donation.
Dates: Ongoing.
To schedule a meeting in your home, contact Len Worley, PhD.

“An un-interpreted dream is like a letter unopened.” – The Talmud



2012 Events

The Science of Heart Intelligence…For a Calmer Mind & Clearer Focus
  • Develop emotional hardiness in the face of stress and multiple challenges
  • Perceive and address the underlying causes of conflict
  • Problem-solve quicker with creative/intuitive solutions
  • Boost immune function

Did you know?


  • When the heart is calmed and positively focused, creativity flourishes, intuitive insight is available and you problem-solve far quicker than relying upon the brain alone.
  • The heart is far more than a pump. Sixty percent of your heart’s cells are neural cells, just like those of the brain. It develops before the brain and often perceives information long before the analytic brain.
  • Your heart emits an electromagnetic field 5,000 times greater than the brain; able to be detected 8-10 feet away? Your feelingful heart constantly broadcasts subtle waves of information that affect other people, alerting them to how safe, reliable and rewarding it will be to associate with you?

Learn how to:

  • Use to use the breath and positive heart emotions to induce heart coherence, a state in which your brain processes information at optimal levels, anxiety is reduced, health (including immune function) is enhanced and conflicts are more easily negotiated.
  • Reduce stress by drawing on ancient techniques and modern technologies at home or the office.
  • Discover the practice of the Lifted Heart, a psycho-physical practice that activates core support for preventing back pain and fostering emotional confidence

When: Sunday, July 22, 2012 7:30PM – 9PM.
Location: Studio of Len Worley, PhD, 830 W 3rd St, Austin, TX 78701.
Directions for free and easy parking.
Fee: Free, but reservations required by emailing Include number of people attending.

Presenter: Len Worley, PhD.



Cooperating with Difficult Emotions & The Five Breaths of Rejuvenation

candleWithin each difficult emotion—shame, sadness, anger, anxiety, and depression—is an evolved intelligence that is intending to safeguard our well-being. Any of these emotional states, if prolonged and unresolved, can rob us of vitality and create havoc in relationships. But if used skillfully they can enable us to guard our boundaries, advocate for core needs, adapt to unexpected loss and disappointment and stay true to our nature.

This five part series will uncover the hidden wisdom in these five primal emotions, and will give participants first-hand coaching on how to trust and move through these challenging states with skill and fulfillment.

Five ancient breath practices will be introduced that will prove useful for calming the mind while paradoxically energizing the body for clear, focused thinking and enhanced emotional intelligence.

Dates and Time: Five Sunday evenings, July 29 – August 26, 6 – 8 p.m.
Location: Studio of Len Worley, 830 W 3rd St, #1150, downtown Austin.
Directions for free and easy parking.
Fee: $50 registration payable at the door; donations thereafter.
Registration: Limited to a small group, therefore participants must request a reservation prior to coming.

Presenter: Len Worley, PhD.



How to Protect the Truth of Your Dream

sleepingWhile our ancestors derived guidance and extraordinary wisdom from their dreams, few moderns recognize the crucial insights that are offered us each night. Yet, as Carl Jung said, the dream harbors no intention to deceive us; rather, our pre-conceptions and unrealized prejudices unknowingly blind us from perceiving the truth of our dreams.

This presentation will reveal how popular misconceptions prevent us from recognizing the precise and penetrating messages of our dreams. We will also work with any dreams volunteered and demonstrate how to open oneself to the dream’s inherent wisdom.

An ongoing dream studies group will form for anyone interested in further study.


The Voyager Group

Long-term Expeditions to Chart the Future Self Three month and Year Long Experiential Dream Studies Groups (six person limit). … Read more about Dream Mentoring.


The Men’s Lodge

For ritual, celebration, laughter and tears.

Explores psychos-piritual issues in masculine development. Meets quarterly.



2011 Events

The Science of Heart Intelligence

“Relieve Stress and Strengthen Immunity, plus The Six Heart Virtues.”

For several decades The Institute of HeartMath has researched the powerful effects that emotions have on the heart. It is well documented now the heart is protected by positive feelings of gratitude and compassion. But not only this, immune function and cognitive problem solving skills are enhanced when the heart is calmed and brought into a state of coherence. Drs. Balint and Small will describe how they use the Heart Breath, a method developed by the Institute of HeartMath, with pain patients and how we all might utilize this psycho-spiritual technology.



My Big Fat Diet

fatdietThe film “My Big Fat Diet” captures the joys and sorrows of a small fishing village off the coast of Vancouver Island, as its inhabitants swear off sugar and junk food for a year. Aware that their obesity and diabetes rates are five times greater than the national average, they defy conventional wisdom and return to the diet of their ancestors. Following the movie, Dr. Len Worley will interview Drs. Regina Forster and Andreas Schmitz, two longevity doctors from Lexington, KY. Learn about the fat you desperately need to age slowly and obtain peak brain performance and learn how to lose what you don’t want.



When I Hold a Chicken to My Heart — How Gratitude for Animals Has Changed My Life

ElizabethWhen anthropologist-turned-local livestock farmer, Elizabeth Van Deventer, acquired Davis Creek Farm, she faced a pivotal question — Who will kill and prepare the chickens for market? Rather than relegate this chore to others, she created a poignant ritual in which she holds each chicken to her breast and gives gratitude before taking its life. The sobering practice, she says, has profoundly reshaped her spiritual connection to the Web of Life.

Drawing from the teachings of her animals, the natural world in which she lives, and her life-long engagement in farming and food, she will discuss how approaching our food with gratitude can be a powerful means to understand and appreciate our unity with all life.



Mid-Life: A Critical Turning Point for Health

Both women and men face enormous physical challenges at mid-life as hormonal levels drop, leaving many depressed, anxious, sleepless, with more weight than desired, tired, and decreased libido. These changes are familiar to women, but men have their own version of menopause — andropause — testosterone levels fall, starting the weakening process that we associate with aging. But are these disturbing changes inevitable?

The new science of longevity medicine challenges our conventional assumptions about how we age. The use of natural, bio-identical hormones, supper foods and supplements, can dramatically alter the way we age, restoring physical vitality, like no other generation on earth has ever known. Yet, it is not only the body that can be rejuvenated, but the spirit as well. As Carl Jung noted, mid-life is a golden moment to realize life-limiting patterns and imagine what might be. Dreams, dissatisfaction, even failures, if listened to wisely, can lead to dramatic life renewal.



Ancient and Modern Approaches for Transforming Crisis: Film, Dreams, Vision Quest.

A series of 4 events…

[1] The Vision Quest: Transformation in Nature

The Vision Quest is an ancient rite-of-passage which uses the Spirit(s) of Nature to guide individuals through a significant life passage or crisis. In this presentation, you will be introduced to the ingredients that make up a successful quest: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Denise Horton, Ph.D., an experienced Vision Quest guide, will discuss the three stages of the Quest experience — Severance, Threshold, and Re-Incorporation — as a heroic journey that modern men and women can use to link them to the timeless questions of Soul and Self: Who am I? What are my gifts? Who are my people? Suggested reading: The Book of the Vision Quest.

[2] Carved from the Heart: A film

373_catAfter Stan Marsden lost his son to a cocaine overdose, he was at first incapacitated by grief, but a year later Stan, who is an Alaskan Tsimpsean wood carver, decided to create a totem pole in his son’s memory. Before he was done, the pole had become a communal project, with the entire town of Craig taking part. Carved from the Heart intertwines the process of carving and erecting the Healing Heart totem pole with the participants’ stories of personal loss, grief, substance abuse, suicide and violence.

This powerful film explores questions of death and dying, family relationships and parenting, domestic violence, and the impact of the war in Vietnam on veterans and their families. It also acknowledges the inter-generational grief growing out of the rapid changes in lifestyle, and the interruptions to the passing on of tradition and knowledge within Alaska Native and American Indian communities like Craig.

Denise Horton, Ph.D., a Harvard-trained traumatologist and shamanic teacher/healer who works with veterans & their families, will lead an engaged discussion of this compelling film.

[3] The Frightening Dream as a Friend of the Soul

While 2/3 of our dreams are disturbing, we take little time in our culture to heed their importance, hoping to quickly put their memory out of mind and regard them as “only a dream.” Yet, ancient wisdom tells us that our most disturbing encounters in sleep are attempts to wake us up to change limiting attitudes and behavior.

Dr. Worley will present A Necessary Betrayal, the true story of a man who had repeated dreams that his wife was leaving him, necessitating a journey back into childhood to find the answer to his dilemma.

[4] The Shaman’s Way of Changing the Neural Pathway of Fear

neuralfilmScottish science film maker, Amy Hardie, never gave her dreams any credence. If fact, she rarely remembered her dreams; that is, until her beloved horse appeared one night telling her that he would die. Upon finding him lying dead in the pasture the next morning, she was catapulted to consider the nature of dreaming. A few months later she was told in a dream that she, too, would die before the end of her 48th year. The film we will see, The Edge of Dreaming, is a compelling glimpse into the turmoil this film maker faced in what appeared to be the last year of her life.



2010 Events

Grow a Year Younger! Beauty, Strength, and the New Anti-Aging Medicine

Beauty is NOT skin deep and strength is more than muscle. Both radiate from vibrant glands, organs, blood vessels, & core self-acceptance. Hear a physician, nutritional chemist, and psychologist share their secrets.

  • Learn how the absence of essential foods and nutrients actually prematurely age you.
  • Know what Super-Foods and Super-Supplements interact with your genes to stimulate vitality and beauty.
  • Discover how you can keep your youth hormones flowing at any age to create smooth skin, toned muscles, strong libido, and radiant energy.
  • Learn how Heart Intelligence holds the key to lower stress, a stronger immune system, and effervescence in your countenance.



The Inevitable Trauma of Being Male: A Discussion for Men and Women

I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression is without question the most penetrating (and hopeful) book I have ever read about men and the women who love them. While women are diagnosed with depression twice as often as men, it is only because, asserts Terrence Real, the author, we fail to perceive how boys and men mask depression and vulnerability through hyper-achievement, addictions, competitiveness, and emotional numbing. Joining me will be Harvard trained trauma therapist, Denise Horton, PhD., along with several men who have participated with me in a five year ritual men’s group-see the interview, The Secrets Men Keep [PDF].



Skills for Entering the Dream Temple: An Introduction

This is a three hour sampler that will give you a taste of the forthcoming ten part dream skills training. For our inspiration we will study the dream healing temples scattered throughout ancient Greece. For several hundred years those in need of healing and guidance would enter into sacred temple complexes to incubate a dream that would diagnose and prescribe cures for illnesses. Here dreams were considered to hold precise and purposeful communication for the challenges of one’s life.

Our ten part training series will focus on ten essential guiding principles (Ten Trustworthy Friends) that protect against the loss of truth in your dreams. This will be opportunity to experience the potent approach to dreamwork that I have learned over the last 20 years. Far more than an analytic treatment that merely interprets dreams, you will learn to treat the people, places, and things of your dreams as living presences to be encountered. Set aside preconceptions and dream dictionaries; listen respectfully and watch the inherent meaning of dreams jump out at you.

We will meet every 2-3 weeks, for approximately 2-3 hours each time, over the next several months. At one point in this series we will practice an overnight dream temple incubation. You will be introduced to supplements and sleep practices that will intensify the dreaming process and enhance recall.

In this exploration you are sure to meet some of the most interesting people in Charlottesville. Deep friendships will be formed based upon the courageous sharing of intimate truths that dreams inevitably bring. You are certain to find greater depth of meaning to your own dreams, as well as experience the satisfaction of knowing how to open dreams for others.



Why Dreams Don’t Lie

How to Clear Your Mind to Realize the Truth of Your Dreams

PhilemonIn spite of dreams alluring, enchanting, and disturbing us, most people do not gain practical, life-changing meaning from their dreams. This is an unfortunate loss, because every dream contains incisive, intimate information that is useful to protect, guide and grow wisdom in us. What prevents us from recognizing the truth that seeks us in dreams?

Most people are not aware that they harbor prejudices and harmful assumptions about dreams. The potent insights of a dream are thus veiled from the mind. Once the mind is clear, however, the truths of a dream will jump out at you, but this requires that you understand how dreams talk. If you learn their language, clarity breaks open like clouds that part and make way for the penetrating light of the sun.



Eating Your Way to One-hundred: Super-foods for a bright mind and a vital body

Andreas_SchmitzDr. Andreas Schmitz is a Health Coach trained by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, the biggest Nutrition School in the world. In addition he has a training and Ph.D. in Chemistry, which he received from RWTH Aachen University in Germany in 1996.

Andreas offers his services as Health Coach in his private practice in Lexington, KY.

In our modern Western society the calories our ancestors had to struggle for are now overabundant. Poorly adapted to our modern world of over-nutrition and processed foods, we are quite literary eating ourselves to death. As a result we are facing an obesity epidemic and a plethora of modern health problems including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

This lecture will show you how you can avoid this modern fate and keep a Bright Mind and a Vital Body by:

  • Showing how living centenarians, live, eat, and what they foods you should avoid
  • Revealing the power of super-foods and their beneficial effects on your lifespan
  • Demonstrating how certain foods interact with your genes



What the Ancient Dream Healing Temples Can Teach Us

esculapExisting for some 1,500 years, over 300 dream sanctuaries operated throughout the Mediterranean world. These unusual healing centers combined sacred architecture, art, healing baths, massage, music, cathartic theatre, food, psychospiritual ritual, and even sports performance to orchestrate a provocative healing environment for the thousands who would pilgrimage to these centers each year.

In these temples special techniques were used to cultivate particular kinds of dreams that were useful to diagnose and cure diseases. Modern western medicine derives its symbol — a staff encircled by a serpent — from these early practices. Even still today, graduating doctors taking the Hippocratic Oath swear to the ancient god, Asclepius, after whom these temples were built.

Len Worley, Ph.D., recently visited the largest and most famous of all healing temples of the ancient world — located outside Athens in Epidaurus, Greece. Hear his surprising discoveries of what caused this healing temple to be highly revered for hundreds of years, and, more importantly, how its ancient practices could radically change the way we go about healing body and mind today.



Dreaming in Portugal

flowerThe One Who Loves You: The Spiritual Significance of Sexual Attraction in Dreams and Waking Life

Lótus, Queijas
Quinta dos Grilos R. Almada Negreiros 14, Queijas-Oeiras
Info: 966 482 799 Shivani


Your Dream is Your Most Trustworthy Friend

Are You Listening?

Location: ESMTC (Escola Superior de Medicina Tradicional Chinesa), Lisboa
Rua Dona Estefânia, 175, Lisboa


Dreaming in Sintra

“Daylong Retreat: Your Hidden Self Is Revealed in Your Dreams”

Dreams are like a mirror, reflecting back intimate details of your personality. If you have the skills to understand these nightly glimpses of yourself you can receive crucial guidance and profound spiritual inspiration. This retreat will introduce essential guiding principles for opening the meaning of your dreams.

Location: Ten Chi Dojo, Sintra, Portugal
Honbu Dojo Ten Chi
Rua Moinho do Gato
Coordenadas GPS: – 38°49’18.67″N – 9°23’36.16″W



2009 Events

Jewels from the Red Book: Carl Jung’s journal and what it promises us

JungRedBook03Long awaited and just released in the fall of 2009, Carl Jung’s journal, held in secret for 50 years, is now in its 5th printing, even at an initial price tag just under $200. It is currently the second most purchased book on Amazon. Filled with vivid illustrations of Jung’s arduous descent into his own unconscious, this is a remarkable testament of one man’s courageous quest to develop a new psychology based on his direct experience of dreams and waking fantasies during a chaotic period in Jung’s life.


Discovering the Fountain of Youth at Mid-Life: Bioidentical hormonal restoration and its effects on memory, libido, weight loss, and emotional resilience.

regina-forster2The recent publication of Suzanne Somers’ book, Breakthrough, has created quite a stir in the medical community and even more among people who are not content with the usual course of declining health and vitality in the aging process. Hear the latest research and promises and issues related to the new field of longevity medicine. For both women and men.

Regina Forster, MD. “I grew up and went to Medical School in Germany. Thereafter I worked in Acute Care Medicine in South Africa for several years before moving to Canada to work in Primary Care. In 1996 I came to the US where I got accepted in the Family Practice Residency Program at the University of KY in Lexington. As Acute Care was my passion for many years, I decided to return to it after the residency and have work in Emergency Medicine since then.
len worley phd rolfing austin texas dream studies counseling In the past years I found myself unable to perform physically as I had in the past. I experienced more aches and pains, loss of skin tone, muscle strength, endurance and libido. When I came across bioidentical hormone replacement, I knew very quickly I wanted to try this exciting, new therapy on myself.

After replacing my hormones to youthful levels, I felt so much more energetic, my stamina increased and the aches and pains disappeared. This is a very common situation in mid-life. My new passion is to share this most innovative therapy which can slow down the effects of aging, give more stamina, increase the resistance to chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, and most important increase quality of life.”



Neurofeedback: Restoration and Creativity Enhancement

I will hosting a free presentation Monday evening, December 14, 7 pm, by Jessica Eure, on the use of a novel neurofeedback process useful to induce calm and retrain the brain towards optimal functioning. Jessica will also make available the HeartMath technology useful for giving real time feedback on the impact of emotions on the physical heart. I am quite excited to learn more about these technologies and would like to share news of this with all of you interested in psychospiritual development.


Consciousness Café – Inspiration through Community

Enjoy a meaningful evening with others who share a love of learning. See inspiring films, hear insightful interviews with remarkable personalities, and listen to heart-warming music. All of this, and you can meet new friends, too, as you exchange ideas on topics related to spirituality, psychology, and health. Following each feature presentation we facilitate dialogue through a series of brief, focused discussions around our Conversation Tables. Encouraged by the ideas of Margaret Wheatley in her book, Turning to One Another, she writes, “I believe we can change the world if we start listening to one another again.”


The Power of Forgiveness

The feature film The Power of Forgiveness explores recent research into the psychological and physical effects of forgiveness. This includes feature stories on the Amish, the 9/11 tragedy, and peace-building in Northern Ireland, along with interviews with renowned Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, best-selling authors Thomas Moore and Marianne Williamson and others.



We will feature the film, Man on Wire, a remarkable documentary of the courage of a young Frenchman who walked on a tightrope between the World Trade Towers in 1974, just as it was nearing its completion. Enjoy guided discussion and meaningful social contact with others who aspire to live out their highest dreams.

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss it, but that we aim too low and reach it.” – Michelangelo


How to Grow the Wisdom Tree

The Wisdom Tree is an adult fable describing the inherent kindness of Nature to guide, nourish and restore us in times of adversity. Within each human being is a Dreaming Intelligence that seeks to communicate solutions to us in the face of vexing problems, even traumatic events.


Jung: the Man behind his Words

An intimate glimpse into the struggles of this heroic figure and how he lived his vulnerabilities.


Jung in July: Jung in Crisis

the_hanged_manIn response to our current economic downturn and the consequent emotional challenges that many face, I am dedicating this year’s annual Jung in July series to the study of Crisis. The focus of this three part series, starting Thursday, July 16, will look at a most poignant account of Carl Jung’s crisis at mid-life, which for him, like us, also coincided with vast cultural shifts (ie: World War I).

Jung considered that this tumultuous experience, lasting several years and at times causing him to fear the loss of his sanity, gave him his greatest treasures.

“The years when I was pursuing my inner images were the most important in my life – in them everything essential was decided.”

Many discoveries were made during this intense Confrontation with the Unconscious, and we have the benefit of reaping great insights about the methods Jung used to access the flow of wisdom that came to him through this critical life passage.

Preparation: Suggested reading is the chapter entitled Confrontation with the Unconscious from Carl Jung’s autobiography “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”.




Reunion for those who have attended one evening intro of The Body is for Pleasure and the Heart for Wisdom. This evening will focus on the first of The Six Heart Virtues: Gratitude, and we will enjoy the music of cellist Peter Markush.


The Body is for Pleasure and the Heart for Wisdom

This is an introduction to the science and practice of Heart Intelligence, including a presentation on The Six Heart Virtues.


Dealing with Difficult Emotions

For those who have attended one of the introductory evenings, The Body is for Pleasure and the Heart for Wisdom, we will explore how the challenging emotions of anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness, shame, and fear can be understood and negotiated with compassion.


The Origins of the Self-Critical Voice

On the first two Thursdays in April, I will show two important films about the origins of a self-critical voice that is carried by each one of us. These honest and forthright films show how a self-attacking attitude silently contributes to anxiety, depression, and the fear of taking wholesome risks that could lead to life satisfaction. Both of these films are produced by a remarkable group of people in California who have spent years examining the underlying dynamics which are counter to loving relationships and successful living.

I think you will find both of these films quite moving and useful to make yourself keenly aware of how pervasive this underlying negative voice is, and even more what can be done to neutralize its effects.


Film: The Inner Voice of Child Abuse

Parents recall how negative early experiences in their own childhoods have a long lasting effect and how in spite of their desire to love their children well they are aware of an inner tendency to repeat the same mistakes that their parents made. Please note that this group of adults would not be considered stereotypical child abusers by any means. They are successful, engaged parents who are able to articulate with humility and truthfulness their own difficulty in living up to their ideals. This film clearly shows how the origin of a self-critical voice has its roots in childhood and how making this voice apparent can rob it of its power.


Film: The Inner Voice in Suicide

This powerful film interviews a woman who made an unsuccessful suicide attempt. She articulates with unusual clarity and compassion the events and inner thinking process that led up to her self-destructive act. Please note that this film is especially helpful to realize how self-destructive tendencies can manifest itself less dramatically, in a withdrawal from life, including the fear of loving fully.



LONGEVITY, HEALTH & HAPPINESS: Studies to live long & well

The Body Is for Pleasure and the Heart for Wisdom

An introduction to the science and practice of Heart Intelligence. The heart is far more than a pump. Studies in the area of neurocardiology demonstrate how the heart is actually an organ of knowing, the first brain, and when attended to can attune the various functions of the body, including the workings of the brain, to increased efficiency. Discover how attentive listening to the body and heart focused breathing can increase positive emotions, foster mental clarity, strengthen the immune system, and enhance problem solving capacity. Learn about the Six Heart Virtues, a daily imaginal practice that gives inner composure in the face of challenging stressors.


Working with Difficult Emotions

Apply Heart Intelligence to Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, and Shame.


What My Mother Taught Me After Her Death

A personal look at how dreams of departed loved ones offer us wisdom for living but also challenges our understanding of whether they are within us or outside of us. The work of life-after-death researcher Raymond Moody, MD will be discussed, along with his creation of the Psychomanteum, a modern day application of ancient mirror-gazing rituals used to seek contact with the departed.


Cupid’s Desire

How sexual attraction and dreams of a lover pull us towards a more evolved self. Learn how to use purposeful breathing and imagery to cooperate with the yearning for the Lover who sparks a recognition of what more we can be. This presentation provides a practical application of Carl Jung’s work in alchemy and the sacred inner marriage.


Dreams of Obama

The significance of presidential presences and other high profile figures in dreams and how to actualize their potential in your own life.




Films, interviews and conversation on the life and work of Carl Jung


Film: Jung on Film

A 1957 interview by Richard Evans. This compelling film represents a rare record of Jung. He speaks of his collaboration with Sigmund Freud, about the insights he gained from listening to his patients’ dreams, and about the fascinating turns his life has taken.


Film: At the Threshold

A Journey to the Sacred through Integration of Jungian Psychology and the Expressive Arts, hosted by Simona Aronow, M.A., Registered Dance Movement Therapist. This film presents dance therapy and sand tray as a means of expressing unconscious images, symbols and themes that are embodied and explored in the process of individuation.


Film: Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: Dreams in a Time of Crisis

The story of conductor/cellist David Blum (introduced by Yo-Yo Ma), as he faces the end of life and discovers guidance from dreams. This film contains many beautiful and poignant pictures of dreams painted by Mr. Blum in the years leading up to his death.


Apology to the Serpent

The psychospiritual significance of the serpent in myth and dreams.
Interview with Jungian analyst Marita Digney

Len Worley interviews Marita Digney on The Two Sides of Jung. Please note that the basis for this interview will be chapter 3, Student Years, found in Jung’s autobiography, Memories, Dreams & Reflections. Marita Digney, D. Min. is a Zurich trained Jungian Analyst and Licensed Psychologist, as well as the former Director of Training of the Philadelphia Jung Institute. She now resides and works in Charlottesville.


Jung as Spiritual Friend

A personal look at Jung the man, using his autobiography, Memories, Dreams & Reflections.


The Dream as an Ally in Clinical Practice: Two Approaches

…with Phyllis Koch-Sheras, Ph.D. & Len Worley, Ph.D.

This is a professional training for psychotherapists. 4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available.


Fairytales for Adults: Seeing one’s life myth in the stories of childhood

Discover the deeper truths in Beauty & the Beast, (on the Transformation of the Negative Masculine) and in Hansel & Gretel (on Overcoming the Negative Feminine).


Basics of Dreamwork

Witness and experience the wisdom available in the dream. Essential principles will be discussed and live demonstrations offered.


Heart’s Desire: Six Practices for Saving Your Life

Heart disease continues to be the number one killer in our culture. Unknown to many chronic stress often plays a bigger role in weakening the heart than traditional risk factors such as diet, smoking and high cholesterol. If you are interested in guarding the health of your heart and in discovering the essential psychological nutrients for emotional fulfillment, this mini-series is for you. Drawing on the latest research that documents the heart as a knowing organ, you will see learn to access heart intelligence through a simple and powerful breath technique that calms the body and grows positive emotion. With this tool you will find a new relationship with the difficult emotions of anger, fearfulness, worry and depression. The Practices:

  • Breathe into the heart.
  • Listen to anger.
  • Learn from shame but not humiliation.
  • Turn and face your fear.
  • Know what you are intending.

(Number six is individualized and given during the course)


The Wisdom of the Serpent: Dreams & Dances of the Animal Powers

Dance performance, tribal music and reflections on the instinctual wisdom of animals in dreams.




Book presentations and ceremonial dance.

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.

One of the most important books written for men after feminism, enabling men to move into the power and elegance of the masculine while honoring the deep feminine. Thus, this is a most important book for women.


Blue Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Life & Death and Love & Sex

by David Deida. Blue Truth contains practical exercises and understandings for finding the Divine in every present moment, under all circumstances, and especially through sex. How can we awaken as the bare openness we are, moment by moment, no matter what is going on? How can we honor our depth, appreciate dissatisfaction, express who we really are, allow love’s hurt, and hold nothing back?


Tantric Quest: An Encounter with Absolute Love

by Daniel Odier. As a 29 year old man searching to reconcile his quest for spiritual openness and his love of life on earth in a human desiring body, Odier encounters a Tantric practitioner living alone in the Himalayan mountains of northern India. This book describes his three month initiation into the mysteries of the divinely erotic in every day life. It is a testament to how far we can allow the sensuality of the physical world to inspire us towards God.