5-star-yelpLen has literally changed my life!! I was in a serious car accident in April of 2011 that had me completely out of sorts. Everything hurt constantly and as time passed nothing changed. I saw almost every practitioner you could imagine: chiropractor, orthopedic, physical therapist, neurologist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and applied kinesiologist. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I knew all of the daily homework I needed to do for my self therapy, but nothing made a lasting difference. I was stuck. Until I found Len. I’ve been seeing him for 5 months now I feel like a completely different person. He not only helped balance my physical body, but he also guided me through the emotional trauma I was still experiencing from such a life changing crash. Now, I can go a month or more at a time without pain, I am working out everyday and getting stronger, and I finally have that drive for life again. He is the only person I trust to work on me when I have a flare up. Len is the most amazing, supportive, encouraging body worker and therapist I have ever met! I will never be able to thank him enough for giving this 23 year old back her active lifestyle!

– Aimee R., Austin, TX

5-star-yelpLen Worley is an amazing rolfer and therapist in general. He has an incredible ability to identify misalignments in the body, and will work to create balance in your stature as well as relieve tension created by stress and physical activity. His more “gentile rolfing” practice philosophy is not painful, and he is very cognitive of the balance between creating a relaxing yet effective experience. You will, without a doubt, leave his sessions feeling more balanced, pliable and capable to preform at your peak physical and mental ability, regardless of your profession or health history.

– Jessica S., Austin, TX

5-star-yelpA wellness expert, Len heals through his gentle form of Rolfing. Originally I saw Len after a referral from my trusted acupuncturist to treat a post-surgical issue with my foot. Len produced such dramatic results in just one visit that I decided to visit him routinely for my general health. Len also quickly eliminated my tension headaches through his skillful Rolfing techniques. He has helped me reduce the physical manifestations of repetitive stress on the body, particularly due to extended computer usage. I would highly recommend Len to anyone seeking to improve their flexibility, mobility and overall health. An added bonus… Len shares his calming, positive energy and wellness wisdom freely!

– Vicki L., Austin, TX

5-star-yelpAs an avid athlete and sports massage therapist myself, I am always seeking reliable body work from highly trained and experienced individuals that are passionate about their profession. Len Worley is this and more. Len provides not only musculoskeletal awareness with his work, but also an intuitive sense of the body’s need for repair.
Len’s touch is significantly different than ‘old school rolfing’ where the client ends up in pain throughout the session. His approach brings you, as client, just to ‘this side of pain and intolerance’ inside the muscle/tissue/bone feel of your limbs and delivers instead a healing pressure that seems to ‘clean out’ the pain with each pass along the ailing body part.

I have had 3 sessions and heading back for more. The results are long lasting and transformative with regard to alignment and bring a sense of freedom in the joints that once seemed ‘stuck’.

Additionally, his calm demeanor allows you to find an unthreatened place where your body can begin the healing process. Not to mention his office space that is soothing, conveniently located, and clean as a whistle!

Austin is blessed to add Len to its long list of qualified body therapists!

– Julie H., Austin, TX

5-star-yelpI saw Len for a series of sessions and can not speak enough to the quality and skill of his work, and the care of the person. I am a licensed acupuncturist and I have made regular referrals for Len’s structural work, always trusting that my patients are in good hands and the quality of his work, even gifted my brother a session on his last visit to Austin.

– Matthew K., Austin, TX

5-star-yelpLen is a magician with his hands. He has frequently turned this painfully spasming pain ridden mid 30s back of mine into something that feels like a teenager. Len is specially very intuitively sensitive about applying just the right amount of pressure to be effective , NOT painful and yet fun. He’s insightful and a Rolfing session could very well change your life with some deep words of wisdom. I can’t recommend him any better…and if you get him started about his work in dreams…

– Neeraj B., Austin, TX

5-star-yelpI had heard about rolfing from a local rolfer many years back but was deterred from it based on most reviews that called it excruciating and painful. As groupon often does, it opened the door for me to try something new with less concern.
I was mostly skeptical, but still receptive to what rolfing might offer. I’m dumbfounded at how life altering it has been and at how lucky I am that Len is at the helm of so many changes.

Unlike deep tissue massage, the effects are lasting and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve come down with the flu. Quite the opposite. I feel leaving relaxed from reduced muscle tension yet invigorated by increased balance, flexibility and breath. While the pressure is definitely deep, Len continuously checks in to ensure it is comfortable and enjoyable. He’ll reprimand you for trying to tough it out and has an arsenal of ways to attack a stubborn spot with care and without pain. Rather than mash out knots, all the reasons those knots occur are addressed. You’ll be surprised to find that there is often a chain reaction in your body’s structure that may cause your neck to hurt when the real culprit is your feet.

Each meeting includes a posture and structural review which with simple guidance and treatment has improved my posture, alleviated chronic back, hip and foot pain, and left me feeling inches taller and as though my limbs could reach the stars.

I’ve started the “series of 10” which is the suggested course of rolfing treatments that work off each other to gradually integrate the entire body and create the ability to work deeper then you can imagine. Had a few hiccups due to injury (which I think healed amazingly fast with the intuitive assistance of Len to help reduce pain and address scar tissue) but am now to the point where each session is highly integrative and very impactful. I tried going every other week, but found myself thinking about it constantly so that I’m back to every week.

Len has an eye and ear for the entire individual. He works to improve your body in a completely integrative way including suggestions on dietary and nutrient changes. All his information is well researched and offered for your own introspection. He’s in a great, central location that’s easy to get to and the studio is peaceful and personal. He carries an amazing conversation if you’re up for it or lets you settle into a womb like peace. Len’s well worth the try (he offers discounts for intro sessions) and I’m confident you’ll be back for more.

– Debika I., Austin, TX

Charlottesville, VA Client Testimonials

barontestpgI have been seeing Len for Rolfing for about six months, and in that time he has helped me to correct several longstanding problems related to posture and mobility. In addition to Len, I have seen a chiropractor regularly for many years, as well as a massage therapist and sometimes a physical therapist, and Len was able to help me with some of the things they always commented on, but which had not improved through their treatments. At the same time I started to see Len, I started going to a CrossFit gym. Len helped me with several of the exercises that I either couldn’t do with good form, or couldn’t do at all. Len has an innate sense of what areas needs to be addressed and has helped me decrease my scoliosis and help balance the musculature around my spine.

Some of these were related to old injuries that I thought I would always just have to protect and live with. Now the combination of postural correction and increased strength and mobility has shown me that I can overcome and repair the injuries instead of being afraid of re-injuring myself. Finally, I’ve had many helpful and interesting conversations with Len on topics of exercise, posture, workplace ergonomics, and diet and nutrition.

– Baron Schwartz, CrossFit Enthusiast & Software designer

gretchenboxThe only word I can use to describe my post-Rolfing session feeling is transformed. Seriously, my legs, hips, and back haven’t ever felt so able to move without restriction. I went to pilates and stretch class today and was amazed at how different I felt.

Thank you so much for working so hard to make such a difference for me.

– Gretchen Gehrett, Marketing Executive, Pilates Student

cynthiaboxLen has personally provided a great help to me when I broke an arm and had to have surgery. He far exceeded what any Physical Therapist was doing to help me gain my range of motion back. He has also helped many of my clients gain more freedom of movement and relief from pain.

– Cynthia Clark, Founder of The Thinking Body, a Pilates studio & certification training center