Jewels from the Red Book

Long awaited and just released in the fall of 2009


“Jewels From The Red Book”

“There can be few unpublished works that have already exerted such far-reaching effects upon twentieth-century social and intellectual history as Jung’s Red Book,” so writes the translator of Carl Jung’s recently published personal journal. Shown to only a few colleagues during Jung’s life, and then held in a bank vault by the heirs of Jung’s archives for 40 years after his death, the Red Book has remained a mysterious document known to contain imaginative art illustrations and detailed records of Jung’s courageous explorations into the underworld and dark depths of his own unconscious. By Jung’s own admission, the period of self-examination at mid-life that was recorded in the Red Book was fertile ground for all that Jung would write about for the next several decades. Even Jung’s popular autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, is drawn from the Red Book, yet the document itself has been closely guarded and withheld from the public. Read More…